Yellow and Red Mask Bundle

Yellow and Red Mask Bundle

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  • Soft and super comfortable¬†on the face
  • Cooling, breathable technology
  • Machine washable. Wash up to 100x
  • Low-profile, sleek design
  • Comfortable ear straps.¬†One size fits most.
  • 2-Layer cotton comfort
  • 95% Pure Cotton / 5% Flexible Spandex

    We (Tony and Donald) both wear eye glasses all day long. After becoming increasingly frustrated with their eyeglasses fogging up from wearing face masks, we decided to find a solution to prevent the fogging up that inevitably happens when you combine the two.

    Tony and Donald, founders of

     Tony, and Donald, founders of is here to help combat this problem. We want every person in America to have fast and affordable access to useful everyday products.

    We hope that our anti-fog eye glass cloth makes your life a little bit easier.

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